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$13.00 U.S.

Backup and Restore your important files manually or automatically. Creates Zip Files that can be UnCompressed (UnZipped) using most Zip compression utilities if needed.
Includes FTP for transmitting files back and forth between your FTP Site.

Be Safe Not Sorry

  • Keeps all your backups organized
  • Creates industry standard Zip File Backups
  • Password Protect Backups
  • Restore Backup Zip Files
  • Create Backups to Hard Disk – Zip Disk – Network Drives – CD – Mem Stick
  • UnAttended Backups using Task Scheduler or internal 7Back
  • Built in FTP program
  • Sends backup files to your FTP site automatically or manually
  • Log Files for all Backups and FTP
  • Automatically removes backups according to your requirements
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