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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What do I do about License Numbers for Dealer Vehicles, or cars without License Tags.
A: For Dealers vehicles, or vehicles that you may never see again, (out of Town). Do not enter them in your vehicle data base, simply click Temp Vehicle option box in the update work order window next to license field, you can then click the Temp Vehicle button to enter information for the work order if desired. This tells the system not to track the specific vehicle, only the customer information. If you have a customer who has brought a vehicle to be serviced, but has not yet received license tags, enter his vehicle in the vehicle data base, using the customer's last name and maybe a number for a license tag. Remember you only have 10 spaces for the tag, so be creative. Then when the vehicle returns for service with license tags, simply change the license to the new number.

Q: I am not too good with math, how do I enter sales tax rates.
A: Be sure to enter the rate exactly as it is. If you tax rate is 6 1/2 cents on every dollar, you would enter .0650

Q: I have paid out work orders to number 8 (House Charge), but none of the charges appear on the customers statement.
A: Be sure you end the day's sales sales in Accounts Receivable, AFTER you end the days sales in Point of Sale. This will post the charges to the customer accounts.

Q: I receive a message that the program may have crashed.
A: This means that someone has turned off a computer without shutting it down properly, or possibly a power loss, or Windows has probably tried to corrupt your data files. Let the program shutdown and fix the file automatically, you can also run the fix in Processing > File > File Utilites.

Q: Backing Up Garage Partner Files
A: Backups of Data Files should be done every day, using at least 5 seperate backup disks which are rotated daily. Backups of Programs need only be done once and then again on Version Updates. Program Backups and Data Backups should be done on Seperate Disks and not mixed on the same disk. All Garage Partner Programs need to be closed to do backups. Only the Backup Program should be running. This includes Networks. If you get an error such as "Cannot open (file)", it means one of three things.
1. You have a Garage Partner Program running somewhere.
2. Your Network is holding files open. If this is the case, then you will need to shutdown all the work stations and possibly reboot the server.
3. Look for the offending file tht was reported in the error -- Find the file in My Computer or windows explorer -- Right Click on the file, Left Click on Properties, then make sure the Read Only Box is NOT checked.