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Backup and Restore Data Files

How to Get There: Icon on Desktop for Backup Garage Partner


Backing Up

Press F1 for Help when you are in the Backup Program. Be sure to Configure your backup program before conintuing.


Use The Garage Partner Backup Program -- Be sure that all Garage Partner Programs are shut down (NOT Running) before you attempt a backup.. Open files will cause your backup to become corrupt.


Select the Backup Data files button. Programs should be backed up to a separate disk/USB Drive and only need to be backed up before and after an update is performed.


Backups should be done on a daily basis using suitable backup media.. USB Thumb or Hard Drives are recommended.


Floppy disk are very unreliable and are not recommended. If you have a ReWritable CD and it allows packet formatting of the CD for use as another drive, you can backup to the formatted ReWritable CD.


When doing a backup using another backup program, you need to back up files with the extension .TPS


All the other files are either Programs or Dynamic Link Libraries which can be replaced at anytime via email


Restoring your Data Files


Close ALL Garage Partner Program first.

 Use Windows Explorer or My Computer to locate the Zip file for the day you wish to restore.

 Right Click on the File and Choose 7-zip > Open Archive

 Select the File to Restore, or Extract ALL. You should Extract the File(s) to your Server\TGPFILES folder.

 The Files are named by the date of backup.


   Y D M Type


  See Restoring Files from Backup


If you lose your 7-zip files, you can find the install in \tgpfiles\docs\7z465.exe


Backup Errors

The program complain about a Disk Drive Missing: This means you do not have a drive letter

that the program is looking for anymore. Delete c:\tgpfiles\ziplog.tps to stop this error.


Access Denied Errors: Mean you have a Garage Partner program running somewhere.

Be sure to read the setup help for Backup Program