Create Specific Vehicle Kits

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IMPORTANT: If you are going to create and use specific vehicle kits, you must follow certain rules.


Vehicle Year - Make - Model - Engine Code Must be filled in for the vehicle.

The Make - Model must be a valid Make and Model in your Vehicle Table Lookup.

The Engine Code (VIN Digit(s) Representing Engine Code) must be filled in the vehicle record for the specific vehicle.

Items that make up the Specific Vehicle Kit MUST be in Products or Non Stock File.


When looking up a kit, the system will find kits that match the Year-Make-Engine Code for that vehicle.


Example Kit may be OIL CHANGE for (199843M52) This can be view in the vehicle record under Kits.


To Create a Specific Vehicle Kit, first enter all the items that will be in the kit into the work order for this vehicle.

Then when all the items have been entered. hold the CTRL Key down, and Left Mouse Click to highlight

each item to include in the new kit.

When you have the all the items Highlighted in the work order detail window that will be included in this kit,

Click the Create Vehicle Kit Button.


The next time this vehicle or a like vehicle is in for service, you can simply click Insert Vehicle Kit to

apply the kit to the new work order. You will need only to create a Kit for a specific vehicle configuration once.

You can also create Generic Kits from within your Inventory file. These are called Sub Items.


Specific Vehicle Kits can also be created on the fly from the Point of  Sale. Simply Ctrl + Right  Click ALL the

items you want included in the kit, They will be Highlighted and then click the  Create Vehicle Kit Button.



 Specific Vehicle Kits uses the Year Make Model and Engine Code to decide what kits will work on what vehicles.

Not fool proof, but works in 90% of  the applications.

When you create a Specific Kit for say a 2002 Chevrolet TrailBlazer Engine S,<BR>when another vehicle

with the same Yeer Make Engine code is noted in your vehicle data base, that kit will be assigned to

those vehicles ALSO<BR>and they will be available in the Work Order for Importing.

The items in the kits must be in the Products or the NonStock File.


To Create a Specific Vehicle Kit


 The Kit is now available for future use


When the same or a LIKE vehicle comes in again, Simply Click Insert Vehicle Kit Button and all the kits for this

vehicle type will be displayed<BR>in a Tree type browse. Clicking the PLUS + next to the header will        display what is in the Kit.

HiLite the Kit Header and Click Select and the items will be imported into the Work Order.

NEW: HiLite an Individual Item in the Kit and only that  Item will be imported




  Oil Change Group is automatically imported into the work order including the proper oil qnty and filter number.