Deposits - How to

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To enter a Deposit on a work order, or to split a credit card payment.

Deposits are used to take advanced payments on a work order in progress.

Click the F9 - Pay Button on the Current order window:


Next, Click on the Enter a New Deposit Button and select a Pay Type and

Enter the amount of the deposit, Positive Amounts Only. Click the SAVE button to consumate the

deposit. A receipt will print showing the deposit amount and balance of Invoice.



View/Clr Button: Click the View/Clr button to View or Remove a Deposit.

You will see a window pop up that shows any and all deposits made to this

work order, including any deposits that were removed. Use the Clear Highlighted Deposit

button to Clear(Remove a Deposit)


NOTE: Deposits can only be cleared PRIOR to End of Day Process at which time

they are Permanently Posted. Clear Deposit is basically used in case a mistake

was made entering the deposit.



  As of 09-15-2012 Deposits will also be sent to Invoice History so you have permanent record

  of all deposits made.