Coupons and Refunds

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Discounts Refunds and Coupons



When entering the Pay Out Window the customer's price level can be changed, which will automatically change the price level of all the  detail to the new level. Be sure your Price Levels are set up. See Price Levels



Refunds and Coupons:


Refunds: The easiest way to give a Refund is to enter a Negative Quantity when entering an item into the detail window. To do this,  enter the quantity followed by the Minus Sign (-)



   Appears on the Item Detail Like This:



Coupons: Create an Product item with a description of Coupon, be sure to UnCheck the Stocking switch so quantity on hand is not   tracked. Use a Default Quantity of -1 which can be changed after it is called into the detail screen.

              Example: Manually entering a coupon : After 8.170312


Simply type in the code for Coupon which is Coupon, or use F2 or right mouse to look it up

Then Click on the -% ALL button



  The discount window will open, showing the total Parts and Labor



Use The Check Boxes to tell the program which items you want to discount,

  Either Parts or Labor Or both. Then use the Up and Down arrows to select

  the Discount amount for either or both. This will show the amount of Discounts



  This will put the total discount amount in the coupon

  and also identify what percentage each discount if for.




Save the Coupon item and the coupon will appear on the

  item list and on the Printout. You can change the coupon as

  you add or remove items form the list, Just delete the existing

  Coupon and add a new Coupon


  Again, it is important that you have the COUPON Item set up in Products File