End of Day

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End of Day Process


IMPORTANT NOTE: Before any Posting Process, be sure there is paper in the printer and the printer is on-line and working properly. Also Inventory Qty on Hand and Invoice and Sales History do not get updated until you perform End of Day Process. End of Day should be done at the end of each business day. Be sure to Backup Prior to End of Day. If anything goes wrong

with the process, you can restore the data and be back before you started End of Period,


1.Select Processing from the Garage Partner Program Group Menu. Before actually ending the
day, you will probably want to Browse Today's Work Orders and correct any user input errors that may be found.

      You can Also Print a Pre Posting Report from the same menu, so you can see the report on Paper, prior to actually

       Posting End of Day.


2.  Select File Maintenance - Browse Today's Paid Orders You will be able to make any changes that need to be made, before ending the day. You may also UnPay the Invoice and return it to working orders.  After you are satisfied that you are ready to End the Day,Select


3.End of Period > End of Day Process > Point of Sale > Post End of Day from the Menu. If you have previously ended today's business, a warning will pop up, you may either abort End of Day, or Ignore the error and do it again. You can end the same day as many times as you like, the sales totals will be updated for the system date. The process runs automatically.


4.The Next step is to check and see if you have sent over any Accounts Receivable Transactions to the AR module .



    **  Professional Version Only **

1.Select End of Period > End of Day Process > Accounts Receivable > End of Day Posting Take a look and see  if all the transactions sent over from Point of Sale are correct. by selecting


6.View UnPosted Transactions If they are all ok, select


7.   End of Period > Accounts Receivable > End of Day Posting You can now

      Post the Transactions, or Print a Pre Posting Report to double check the validity of the                            



After the transactions have posted, you are basically finished ending the day. For more detail see

Accounts Receivable - End of Day Posting


If you are using Financial Reporting Tools Posting Interfaced Files