End of Month AR *Professional Version Only


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  Be sure all Transactions have been Posted.

If not, post your transactions before ending Month


From Processing, Select End of Period > End of Moth Process > Accounts Receivable




Note: Click on each Menu Item in the order they appear on the Menu . You can skip 1 and 2 if you DO NOT charge Finance Charges, but

                  3 and 4 are mandatory.


IMPORTANT: Number 5 applies all payments and credits to existing open invoice. You must Print Statements and Aging to show all this

************* on your statements BEFORE you do Process End of Month .If you don't, then you will not be able to show

                           this information on the statements.


The only menu Item that must be clicked is Process End Month. The other items are optional, depending on whether or not you

want to generate Finance Charges and Customer  Statements.

You can un-do Finance Charges by clicking the Un Do Finance Charges Menu Item. You DO NOT have to apply

Finance Charges


Remember, that after End of Month is processed, all zero balance invoices and Used Payments will be purged from the  system.

Individual finance charges for

each overdue invoice will be converted to one Finance Charge Invoice when End of  Month is processed.

If you want to show the month's transaction detail on your customer statements, print all before statements before you run

End of Month Process.


Normal steps would be to Apply Finance Charges - Print Customer Statements - Print Aging Report - End the Month