Entering a Payroll Check

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Although we DO NOT do Payroll, you can enter a Payroll check and have it send the

amounts to the proper GL accts.


Important: Notice that "This is a Payroll Check is Checked.



Next enter the Entire Amount of the Employees Gross Check.

This should go to an Expense Account.



Next Enter The State and Fed Deductions. These deductions should

go to the current Liabilities accts. Be sure to Enter the current liability accts

as a Negative Amount. This will adjust the amount of the actual check.




And so forth for State and SS ledgers.


When Posting the Checks, the program will look at the Check in "This is a Payroll Check"

and reverse the negative amounts automatically.


If you are using a Payroll Service, simply enter the total amounts listed on their payroll sheet for

All employees