Manual Entry - Invoices/Credits *Professional Version Only


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Entering Transactions


Select Invoice/Credit from the Menu




IMPORTANT: Use the Select Customer Button to choose a customer




The next screen shows a list of all UnPosted Transactions for the Selected Customer

Any Transaction that has not been posted, can be deleted from this window.




ar3 Use this button to Create a New Invoice

ar4 Use this button to create an Open Credit. Usually an open credit is used when there

                    are no existing Invoices to Credit against.


ar5 Use this button to Delete any UnPosted Transactions that may appear

                              this Window.


Adding a New Invoice or Credit



Use the Tab key to move through the fields - Some of the fields will be Pre Filled as you tab into them.

Enter the Taxable amount and or Non taxable amounts. The Sales tax will be calculated automatically.

An Invoice number will be created automatically so that it is Unique.

Click the Save button to record this transaction.


At this point, the UnPosted table shows the invoice you just entered for the selected customer, ready for Posting.

Open Credits can be applied the same way by clicking the Open Credit Button. Open Credits should be used

sparingly, as they will not be applied to the customers account until End of Month is run. Credits can also be

applied to a specific Invoice which will be shown further on down the page. Normally you would enter all

of your transactions, and then perform a posting. For this example, we will post this transaction, and then apply

a credit and a payment to this invoice.

Remember that all AR transaction from Point of Sale are entered automatically for you.




Applying a Payment  One Invoice

Select Single Payment from Accounts Receivable Menu. Then

select the customer to apply against.




Tab through the entry fields and enter the amount of payment


 The payment can be partial or full.

 Click save to record the transaction.


 Click View UnPosted Transaction on the Accounts Receivable Menu

Notice our UnPosted Transactions on the List.


If any of the Transactions are in error, we can Delete the transaction and enter

it again.


Select Print Pre Posting Report. - This report is not for the entries above.




If all is well on this report, Select Post Transactions. This will finalize the two transactions and

update the customer accounts.