Error Code 47 & 1477

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 If you get an Error 47 Invalid Record Declaration or other file corruption errors like 1477

           Your Windows has corrupted a file.        

 It is important that No other Garage Partner programs are running when using File Manager.        

 Write down the File Name in the error message.



 If you can run Processing then Click on File > File Manager and Jump to 5.        

 If you Can't run Processing, Start at 1.        


 1. Write down the File Name in the error message.  Usually appears after the word accessing

                From the SERVER Computer with NO Garage Partner Programs running ANYWHERE.        

 2. Click Start > Run        

 3. In the Open Box, Type in the C:\TGPFILES\PROCESS.EXE /47 (C: is the drive holding your data)        

 Be sure to Include the /47 . There is a space between EXE and /47        

 This is presuming you have Garage Partner Installed to the Default C:\TGPFILES        

 If not then substitute the proper path.        

 4. File Manager should Appear.        

 5. Scroll through the List of Files and Check the File you wrote down in Step 1        

 6. With a Check Mark next to the offending file, Click FIX - If it asks for any information, then see TPSFIX        


 The File Manager will then attempt to fix the Invalid File. This should work in most        

 situations. If not, you can then try running TPSFIX manually.        


 If all attempts to fix the file fail, you can try Restoring just the offending file from your backup.        

 Simply Click on the latest backup zip file and select the file to restore and Extract it to your TGPFILES folder        

 on the Server Computer.        



 Do not attempt to Fix more than ONE file at a time.