Estimated Expenses

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Estimated Expense File


This is what will give you your Estimated Daily Expense (Daily Nut). If you enter it accurately

and check the accuracy each year, it will be a valuable tool to see if you making or losing

money on a DAILY BASIS. Income Reports generated from a Chart of Accounts is nice,

but those numbers are AFTER the FACT. I would want to know on a Daily basis if I am

making money, or not.

This information will be shown on your End Of Day Report each Day.





Start by Inserting Months 1-12, Look at a Calendar and calculate how many ACTUAL working days

exist in the Month. Actual working days take into account Holidays and Closed Days. Normally the

number would be between 20 and 25 depending on the month.


Then Click the DETAIL TAB and Add/Change/Delete your expense category.

You will need to Estimate your Expenses for each Expense Category. This is

easily done if you have Last Years Expense available. New businesses will need to Estimate.


NOTE: Once you have entered the Detail for Month 1, you can have the system duplicate for Month

             2 thru 12 by clicking the Duplicate Month Button. Be sure you have entered all your Months

             Headers (ExpHdr Records) from 1 thru 12, Duplicate will duplicate the Detail from 2-12            





Enter your companies estimated daily expenses for any individual expense categories.

The system uses these numbers for average daily expense and estimated profit reports.

You must set up monthly expense estimates for all 12 months. Once they have been set up,

you need only adjust the monthly amounts to reflect changes in you expense.

You may also just enter a lump sum for each month if you don't want to take the time to enter

individual expense items. Once you have set this all up initially, all you ever need to change are

the number of working days in the month (Leap Year) and any individual Expenses that may

change year to year. The resulting entries will show you average daily expenses (nut)