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File Manager: Allows you to rebuild  and indexes and Fix File Errors

Verify File Integrity: Removes Orphaned detail with not parent record

Cleanup History files: Removes older Invoice history files to speed up access.

                             Only remove a few months at a time as the process takes time.

Remove Inactive Customers: Removes customer and their related detail by Older than Date.

Remove Old Filed Estimates: Removes Older Estimates by Older Than date.

Remove Old Commission Detail:  Removes older Commission files to speed up access.

                             Only remove 1 year at a time as the process takes time.

Reset Customer YTD Sales: Goes thru Invoice History and resets total YTS Sales.

Reset Customer Total Sales: Goes thru Invoice History and resets total Sales.

Mark All Customer Active: Changes bit to Active.

Zero Product Qty/Sales: Sets all product Qty and Sales to Zero(0)

Clear Notes History of (CR): Remove excessive gaps in Notes.


File Edit Tables: Allows you edit the tables manually


Misc Functions


Convert Upper/Lower Case (Cust): Changes ignorant upper case PAUL to Paul.

ISAM Registry Setting: Sets Registry for Network computers. Should done on ALL computers.

Remove Some AutoEntry Words: Allows removal of some words to make auto entry faster.

Error Messages View and Report: View and report errors that happen in your program.

Send Data to CARFAX: Sends data to CARFAX so you can continue using VIN Lookup.

Create Program Shortcuts: Creates link on Desktop for Garage Partner Programs if missing.

Reset Window Displays: Restores lost windows that may have been dragged off screen.

Swap Dept Numbers: Allow you to swap Department Codes.

Format Customer Phones: or xxx-xxx-xxxx

Transfer Utilities: Allows recovery of Work Orders and Invoice History after a network crash.