Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: I Made a mistake when Paying out an invoice. Can I change it in Invoice History?

A: Yes, simply go to Invoice History and either Right Click or Double Click the invoice in question and

    make any changes desired.


Q: I paid a work order using XCharge or ChargeitPro and I accedently unpaid the invoice. How do I pay it again

    without using a card processor.

A: Simply Select the Credit Card type, and then Click F10-Save. Do not clcik the credit card symbol. This will pay

    Invoice again without actually using the card processor.


Q: Remembering Entry Fields

A: If you want to duplicate what was in the entry field of the last record entered, just press CTRL + in the field you want to duplicate

    the entry in. Be sure to use the Numeric Keyboard Plus Key.


Q: Will Garage Partner run in Windows Vista  Windows7 and Windows 8

A: Short Answer is Yes, of Course, Long answer is that until Vista and Win7 become a little

    more mature you need to do a few things differently.

    1. User should be logged in as Administrator

    2. Turn Off User Access Control (UAC).

         Control Panel > User Accounts > Turn on/off user access control.

    3. Never install Garage Partner in Program Files Folder, always have it created off

        of root in TGPFILES Folder.

   See Important Things to Do


Q: Backing Up Garage Partner Files

A: Backups of Data Files should be done every day. The Backup disks/USB Drives should be retired on a monthly basis.

Backups of Programs need only be done once and then again on Version Updates. Program Backups and Data Backups should be done on Separate Disks/USB Drives and not mixed on the same disk. All Garage Partner Programs need to be closed to do backups. Only the Backup Program should be running. This includes Networks. If you get an error such as "Cannot open (file)", it means one of two things.

1. You have a Garage Partner Program running somewhere.

2. Your Network is holding files open. If this is the case, then you will need to shutdown all the work stations and possibly reboot the server. NOTE: There is an option in Global Configuration to check for and Close Open Programs on the General Tab. This way you can shutdown the other programs from the Backup Program.

Q: Error 47 Invalid Record Declaration or other Corrupted Data Files Errors

A: Click Here for More Info


Q: What do I do about License Numbers for Dealer Vehicles, or cars without License Tags.

A: For Dealers vehicles, or vehicles that you may never see again, (out of Town). Do not enter them in your vehicle data base, simply enter a License Tag, if available, or make one up and then Tick On Temporary Vehicle in the update work order window next to  the License Tag field. You can also click the Temp Vehicle button to enter information for the work order. This tells the system not to track the specific vehicle, only the customer information. If you have a customer who has brought a vehicle to be serviced, but has not yet received license tags, enter his vehicle in the vehicle data base, using the customer's last name and maybe a number for a license tag. Remember you only have 10 spaces for the tag, so be creative. Then when the vehicle returns for service with license tags, simply change the license to the new number.

Remember, for any vehicles that will be inserted into you DataBase, the License Tag must be Unique.


Q: I am not too good with math, how do I enter sales tax rates.

A: Be sure to enter the rate exactly as it is. If you tax rate is 6 1/2 cents on every dollar, you would enter .0650


Q: I have paid out work orders to number 8 (House Charge), but none of the charges appear on the customers statement.

A: Be sure you end the day's sales in Accounts Receivable, AFTER you end the days sales in Point of Sale. This will post the charges to the customer accounts.


Q: I keep receiving a message stating that the same Key file needs to be rebuilt and the program doesn't seem to rebuild the key.

A: This means that the crash may have been significant enough to scramble the file. Make sure all other work stations are shutdown if running a network. Run Processing > File > File Utilities > File Manger. Find the file in question on the list and click on it to display a check mark to the left. Next Click FIX.

This should return the file to it's pre crash state.


Q: I receive Error 35 when using Real Time Labor Guide

A: Did you follow all the steps in the Help Docs? Especially these?

Excerpt from Help Docs:

You need to create an Inventory Labor Item with a code of LG

Select File Maintenance from the Top Menu and select Inventory - Add, Update

Insert a New Inventory Item - Make the Code LG You will be able to use Real Descriptions or your own descriptions. If you want your descriptions to also appear, put them in the Description field

Click the Labor Button for type

Click on the Qty's and Pricing Tab and enter your shop Labor Rate

Save the Inventory Item. The LG code, will activate Real Time Labor

Be sure you have an active labor estimate in Real Time Labor Guide.


Q: I have created a series of user defined reports - logged in as "Manager" do I get my users, who log in to be

able to view these reports?

A: If you are using security, then each user will have his own set of Query and Reports, We don't want to give them access to sensitive reports.


The Queries and Reports are held in files that look something like this








The QW or RW means either  Query QW or User defined Report RW

The Digit stands for the user number.


Just find out what your number is, and then simply make copies for all your users.


Example, supposing you are user 4




And so on. This will give them exact copies of all your reports.


Better yet, would be to log in as one of your users and create the reports and queries as a lower security level. That way you can control what reports they see when you make copies.

You can log in as a lower level user and simply delete the reports you don't want them to have after copying over from yours.


Q: When requesting Post Card Reminders, I get reminders for customers who never showed up for their

     previous reminders. How do I limit the reminders.

A: Global Configuration > General Tab. Set Max Number of Reminders to a lesser number and try again.

    This will limit the number of times a reminder is created. Recommended is 2