Important Things to Do

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To avoid Data loss and slow access to data files on Networks and Singe User System

XP - Windows7 - Window8 - Windows10


Be sure User Access Control is Turned OFF - Click Start > Help and Support and type Turn Off User access Control in the search

box for instuctions on how to turn it off. Windows7/8


Run the ISAM utilites program in Processing > File > File Utilities > ISAM Registry Settings. You  have to be logged in as Administrator to

change the settings. Do this for ALL Computers. Be Sure all setting say "OK, Will Not Change". Reboot Computers after Change,


Be sure the TGPFILES folder is put in the Exceptions List of your AntiVirus Program


Run MSCONFIG from the Run Box

DO NOT use Google Updater. If you see Google Updater or anything having to do with Google Update

in Processes or Services, DISABLE it IMMEDIATELY


ATI Catalyst Control Center (CCC.EXE) will definetly cause problems with Garage Partner

To fix Click Start > Run > MSConfig and checking the Startup tab for a program called StartCCC.exe or Catalist Control Center and

Uncheck the Startup Item Box. You will need to look around.




Google Chrome has been known to step on Garage Partner Memory space. It is recommended that

you DO NOT use Google Chrome.


Be sure to Turn OFF write Caching. See more here Turn of Write Cache


Always run Garage Partner Programs as Administrator to avoid other permission problems. Change

Shortcuts to reflect this. See Set Shortcut Permissions for more. Do this for ALL shortcuts

Be sure to click the button - Change Settings for ALL users



Networked or  Single User Computers, be sure set permissions for anyone using Garage Partner
Partner Folder to Full Control.



Setting Permissions for Auto Updates:

You may also have to set the permissions to Administrator on AutoNet.EXE

located in your TGPFILES folder on each computer including the Server.

Locate the AutoNet.EXE file. Highlight and Right Click on the AutoNet.EXE file and

Select Properties from the List.




Click on the Compatibility TAB and Check the "Run as Administrator" Box. Then Click

on the Change Setting for All Users Button.



Check the "Run This Program as an Administrator" Box

Then Click Apply > Ok > Apply > Ok/




If your are using a Local Area Network to tie in your computers and someone has

installed a Wireless network, take them out back and shoot them and install a

wired network between your computers. Wireless is fine for home computing, but

does not lend itself well to business computing.