Non Stock File

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Non Stock File


What's the difference between the Inventory(Products) file and the Non Stocking File


The Non Stocking Items File is a Temporary File used for those everyday items you normally don't keep in stock, and probably have no intention of ever doing so.

Examples might be Water Pumps, Radiators, Carburetors, Etc. Some call these Items Hard Parts. Items you rely on your parts supplier to keep in stock for you, and you order and install on an as needed basis.


The advantage of Non Stock file is that it will still keep track of your cumulative sales dollars and qty for each item. It will also track who you bought it from for warranty issues.


This file is available to you from Point of Sale - Detail Entry - If you have ever sold an item, the Non Stocking File will remember the cost, sell, description Etc. The Point of Sale detail Entry will first check your stocking inventory file for the item code, if it doesn't find it there, it will automatically check your Non Stocking file and retrieve the last sale information for you.


In detail entry, you can access a list of Non Stock Items to choose from, by Pressing the F3 Key while in the Item Code Field.(Normally you Press F2 or Right Mouse for Stock lookup). you may also convert any Non Stocking Items to the Stocking Inventory file automatically.


Example would be based on you cumulative sales dollars and Qty, you may consider stocking a very popular Non Stock item for convenience and possibly a qty purchase price break. You should periodically check your Non Stock Items and remove the ones you sell very few of, or are not interested in doing any sort of tracking on.


This file can become quite large as time goes by. You can also automatically convert popular Non Stock items to the normal inventory file.


NOTE: If you are selling a part that you may never sell again, and you do not want to track the Part at all, choose No tracking from Point of Sale Detail Entry.