Paying Multiple Invoices *Professional Version Only


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Sometimes a customer will send you a payment to cover more than one invoice.

Choose Accounts receivable from the Processing Menu and choose Pay Multiple Invoices - See Video




Select the customer to pay the invoices for.




Select the account to deposit the Payment to.

by clicking on the elipse ... button



Enter the Payment Information



Notice we are paying 500.00 against a balance of 773.28

Click SAVE


The systems will pay off invoices until it runs out of Money.




If you Click Auto Tag for Payment, the system will start tagging the oldest invoice first until it runs out

of money. You can also manually tag the invoices you want to Pay




Next Click Pay Marked Invoices

Notice the Proposed Payment Row

Next Click the Close Button.


Now we are ready to Post the Payments to the customer's account. You can post each customer, or

wait until you have entered payments for ALL customer's before you Post.


Select Post Transactions from the AR Menu


This is a hard copy of the Posting Report.