Posting Interfaced Accounts *Professional Version Only


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Posting Interfaced files


After Ending the Day in Both point of Sale and Accounts Receivable,


Click Financial Tools > Financial Reporting Tools


Click on the Journal Entry Button on the Financial Reporting Tools Transactions Menu


This will display a list of UnPosted Journal Entries, as you can see, we have a journal Entry sent over from

Point of Sale End of Day Process. This will also include Accounts Payable and Check Posting.


You can view the Detail by Highlighting a transaction and clicking Change

This is a view of the Detail for this Journal Entry Transaction.


Double check the entries and be sure that the Debit and Credit Column equal each other.

Any Total in RED means they do not balance and need attention before posting

Any of the line items on this detail screen may edited before posting.

Example Edit Window. Notice that this is a Bank (Cash) Account and Post Deposit to Check Book is Checked.

This will make the Deposit to Account 1040 also update the related account in your check book


The Journal Entry Window



When your have finished verifying all of the Unposted journal Entries, Click Posting Menu  > Then Menu Button.

If you are satisfied with the Pre Posting Report, you can then Click Posting Menu  > Then Menu Button Then > Print and post Journal Entries.

This will update your Financial Accounts and Check Book Values.