Printers & Cash Drawer

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How to Get There: Processing > Control > Printers/Cash Dwr

Using Multiple Printers for Point of Sale


Use the Lookup Button ? to set which printer to use for each type of Printout.

Remember that they must be set for EACH computer on your Network.




Setup 40 Column Printers Specific to Each Work Station.

Garage Partner Pro is setup to use Star Micronics USB receipt Printers

We have tested and approved TSP-800II and TSP-143II as of Jan 26, 2012

and some other Serial Printers. We recommend the USB Printers.




If you are using a 40 Column Printer, Check the Using 40 Column Printer Box.


Use F2 or Right Mouse to select your 40 Column Printer from Windows Printer List.


Remember, you must have the 40 column printer software installed in Windows to use it.

Select the Roll Paper size.

If you have a Cash Drawer attached to a USB port, select the type.

Disable NoSale Button - Drawer only opens with a sale.


If you are using an LPT Printer (Parallel) you are finished.


Cash Drawer Codes - Allows Entry of Printer Control Codes found in your Printers Manual


IMPORTANT: You will need to Restart Point of Sale to pickup the new settings.