Cash In/Out ROA Invoices POS

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You can:

 Receive Payments on Account (Accounts Receivable) from Point of Sale for Single Invoices.

 Record Cash Paid out of Drawer

 Record Cash Into Drawer

 Record Unpaid invoices from Vendors


Click the Dollarbut Button on the Tool Bar.


Payment Received on Acct:

Click the Insert Button to add a new Transaction.

Click ROA and then enter your Employee Code.




Next Click the Apply Payment Button, you will be presented with a window to

Select the Customer you want to apply the payment to. Click Select Customer,

then Check "Show with Balance Due Only" to make less cluttered.




After you select the desired customer, you will be shown a list of open invoice AR invoices.

Highlight the desired Invoice to Pay and Click Pay Selected Invoice.




Follow the on-screen Pay Window instructions to apply the payment to the customers account.


After the Payment is applied your screen will look like this. Save the Transaction and Print

an ROA receipt if desired.



This Screen shows all Transaction from Point of Sale for the day, including the ROA just tendered.




Any ROA Payments accepted from Point of Sale will be Printed on the End of Day Report for

Drawer Reconciliation.


NOTE: If you are paying Multiple Invoices you will need to go into Processing > Accts Receivable > Pay Multiple Invoice.


Follow similar rules for Cash In or Out of Drawer or Unpaid Invoices received from Vendors.


These Transactions can be Printed from Point of Sale for Todays transactions, or from

Processsing > Reports > Invoices and sales > Cash Drawer History IO By Date Range.

They can also be export to Excel by Date Range from Processing > Wizards > Export Cash IO / Invoices.