Customer Follow up/Reminders

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From Processing, Select Reports from the menu.

Select Customers > Customer Follow up




Select Browse Service Due to see a complete list of all customer services that are due.



The update window will allow you to   change information about services due for specific customers and to also increment or   decrement the number of Reminders  that have been sent. Set at 0 Zero to NOT increment the count.




Preview Reminder Letters: Allows you to view reminders that will be sent out according to your criteria                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    


The window below allows you to set the criteria for sending out reminders for services due. reminders  can be sent for ALL  services due, a single service due, or any combination of services that are   checked. Be sure to UNCheck increment Reminder   Count if you are simply previewing. Each time reminders are sent, the reminders sent will be increased by one.

The same criteria window is used  for previewing as well as sending the reminders.




Email Reminders : Reminders can also be emailed if your email client is set up properly and working.


Export Reminders to Word: This option will send all the customers along with there services due to a

CSV (comma delimited file) to be used by Microsoft Word's Mail Merge Feature.

You can select just the names and address for ailing labels, or also include all services due and their last date and                                                                                                                                               mileage performed. Word allows you to create many different types of letters, cards, mailing labels etc.