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How to get there: Processing > Reports > Employee Reports




Employee List: Prints a list of your employees including Code - Name - Address and Phone


TEch Sales and Labor Report: Prints Employee Parts and Labor Sales. Includes Date - Invoice Number - Qty - Description - Parts - Labor -

Billable Hours and Book Time. Sub Totals are given by employee.

This report can be filtered using Query Wizard. If you need to print an employee sales report for a given time period, in Query Wizard,

select Transaction Date Equal to or Greater than > Comdet:Transaction Date  AND Transaction Date Equal to or Less Than <  Comdet:Transaction Date.

This will give you a report of sales with this date range. Report can be filtered a number of different ways.

See Query Wizard Help on how to apply Queries. This report can be used in leu of the Technician Report shown below.


Technician Report This report needs to be run A:)BEFORE you end the week for Employee Time. The report is tied directly to the Employee Time Clock. If you are not using the Employee Clock, Hours worked can be manually added before doing this report by selecting Employees > Browse Employees > Click Change for each Employee to Edit. Then click the Time and Attendance Tab. You can now add the hours worked manually for each employee.


Service Writer Report: Refer to Technicians Report above.


User Defined: See Report Wizard Help *Professional Version Only