Using VinPower®

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VinPower® is a separate product developed by ESPDATA that you purchase,

or download a demo at WWW.VINPOWER.COM


Be sure to Check the Using VinPower Button in Global Configuration and

set the full path to the VinPower® Program and Data File Location


Your looking for VinPowerSa.exe for program and vptrans.txt for data file.




To import VinPower® data into your vehicle record.

From the Vehicle Update Window (Vehicle Data Tab)

Click on the Run VinPower Button, or switch Tabs to VinPower® if the program is already running.



Next Press CTRL +V in the VIN entry field. This will automatically paste

the VIN from your vehicle record.



Next Click Decode VIN



This Decodes the VIN and display the information.



Switch Back to Garage Partner. You can switch back and forth between the programs by

clicking on the appropriate button on your Task Bar.


Garage Partner.



To Import the VIN information, click the Import from VinPower button . That's all there is to it.




You can also import Extra Information into the VinPower Tab by returning to

VinPower. Just click on the VinPower button on your Task Bar. vp10


TIPS: Always click the vp1 Button so that your Vehicle VIN will be available

        to Export into VinPower®. Even if VinPower® is already running.