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New Install


There are installs for Server/Single User and Work Station Computer

New Installs Only from original install program. Do not use an old install.




Installing a new server to replace existing server

Copy the TGPFILES folder and all it's subfolders and files to a Thumbdrive or CD

If you use a CD, it may make the files Read Only, so you will need to deal with that before using Garage Partner Pro

The simply recreate the folders on your new server using the copy you made.


The Server Receives ALL the Files and SubFolders in TGPFILES Folder. Do not be cute and bury TGPFILES under

other folders. Do not Rename the TGPFILES folder.

Usually installed to the root of C: D: E: etc.




Then Run Process.exe using the run command box c:\tgpfiles\process.exe

When Processing is running, go to Control > Control Menu > File Utilities

Click on Create Program Shortcuts(Link) and add all your shortcuts, Be sure to add

All you will need one at a time.




For ALL your shortcuts, Right Click on the desktop shortcuts just created and click Properties

Then Click Compatibilty Tab

The Click Change Change Settings for ALL users



Check the Run this program as an Administrator

and then Click Appy Button



It will return to main window where you click OK button



Be sure to SHARE the TGPFILES folder for Read Write Execute. To be sure anyone can use Garage Partner Pro,

Add the name Everyone with full Read Write Execute permissions.

Go to the Security Tab and Click Edit.


From the Security Tab Click Add



In Select Users or Groups, type Everyone and Click OK



Be sure to Check Full Control and Modify

and Click Apply and then OK



See Important Things to Do

You should now Restart your computer

After Restart, Garage Partner should run.