Service Reminders Codes

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Run Processing > Control > Service Codes


Up to  9 Service Reminder Codes can be used to track services for customer reminders.




Click Change to view or change any of the service codes. If you are in a state where inspections are

done on timely schedule, try to remember to keep the state inspection code the same. You will tell

the system what the State Inspection code is in Configuration.




Enter the general frequency for Mileage and days between these service. The system will use the Days to calculate

whether a service is due or not.

These numbers can be customized for certain vehicles by changing the frequencies

from within each vehicle record and will apply to Only THAT vehicle.


If you make a major change in the frequencies that will affect all vehicles, be sure to click the Refresh Vehicles button to have the changes

cascaded throughout you vehicle data base. Remember, this will change all the custom frequencies also.


After you have entered all your reminder codes and frequencies, run Control > Configure and setup  your State Inspection

Code and the Number of times you want to remind a customer about a service   due. This found on the General Tab.


Suggested Max Service Reminders is 2. This means a customer will be reminded of a service due up  to 2 times.

After that is a good bet he will not be coming in to get the service.

If you leave it at 0 (Zero), NO reminders will be generated.


Tying it all together.


To make Tracking Codes (Service Reminders) generate properly, Any item in your Product File must have Tracking Code

 attached to it if the product or labor item needs to be tracked.


 Example: For Oil Changes, you attach the Oil Change Tracking Code to all occurrences of OIL and Oil Filters, maybe even

                Lubrication if it is usually done in conjunction with an Oil Change.

                When an Invoice is completed and Processed at the end of the day, all items will be checked for Tracking Codes

                and the Last Service Date for that service will be changed to the Processing Date. Don't worry about more than one

                oil change tracking code on an invoice. If it sees Oil Change Tracking Code for Oil and also for Oil Filter, the date

                will only be changed to the Process date anyway.