Split a Card Payment

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Split a Credit Card Payment when using X-Charge Processing.


To split a payment when 2 Credit Cards are used to pay one bill and you are using X-Charge.


Our problem is that we need 2 receipts, one for each Credit Card.


Easy solution is:


Pay First Card as a DEPOSIT and then go back in and pay the balance with the 2nd Credit Card.


Remember, for the first Card you click Enter New Deposit, Select the CC Type and Click the X-Charge Button.

The Invoice will still be on the Current Work Orders list so you can select and Pay F9Key again.


2 Receipts for the customer to sign....


If you are not using Chargeitpro or X-Charge, you can pay with both cards at the same time as you do not need 2 receipts.

Simply select the Credit Card Type for Payment 1 and 2