Transfer Utility

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What it Does: It is inevitable that someday your network or computer will crash, which in turn may Delete some of the records

                    that are in memory at the time of the crash. This utility allows you to replace missing current order and History

                    records from your backup.


Prior to running the utility, you must restore the affected files from your recent backup zip file.

The files to restore are

curr_ord - orders - y1hd - y1det


IMPORTANT: Be sure to restore them in a separate folder, NOT YOUR LIVE TGPFILES FOLDER. A suggestion would be to

either create a folder and restore to that folder, or restore to your sample folder located under TGPFILES.


To Run, Processing > File > File Utilites > Transfer Utility


Next Click on Set Path to Archive Date - This is where you just restored your backup data.


Next, Choose which Files set you wish to recover



In this example we will recover current orders. Only Orders Missing from the left side will be shown on the Right.

Use Left Mouse, Drag and Drop to Left List



Notice that order# 10653 is now in the Current Orders window.trutil4