Upgrades Path / Network Servers

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Upgrades Path / Network Servers

Auto Upgrading from the Upgrades Folder - Network and Single User Systems


This is a convenient way to automatically upgrade your program files when a newer

version is released. This especially valuable when upgrading a network. You ONLY

need to update the Server Computer, the work station will upgrade themselves automatically.


To accommodate this feature, you must have a Folder called Upgrades as a Sub Folder

to your Garage Partner Data Files, usually \TGPFILES. You folder would look like



Used in conjunction with Check for Updates on the web, will make upgrading very

simple. Installs will automatically place upgraded programs in your UPGRADES folder.

Do not confuse the Downloads folder with the UPGRADES folder. When you use

Check for Updates on the Web,  the install file Downloaded to the Downloads folder.


When you Install the downloaded file they will be placed in the UPGRADES folder automatically.

If you do a physical download from the updates web page, you should save the install

file in the \tgpfiles\Downloads folder, NOT the Upgrades folder.


IMPORTANT: Never put anything in the UPGRADES folder on your own. The install

programs will put the proper files there automatically.


The upgrade folder should only exist on the Server Computer. All future Upgrade installs

for Network and Single user systems will  be install in the UPGRADES folder.


As each Work Station Loads, it will check the UPGRADES folder to see if there is

an upgraded version. It will then automatically copy over any upgrade files from the

Server to the Work Station. This precludes you from having to install to every computer

on the Network.                                    Example:                              




       The Processing Program will Automatically remind you to check for Updates on web every 15 days

Network Time Server: Uses whatever computer you designate to Sync the time on all computers in your network.

Has no effect on single user systems. Use the Lookup Button to select.


Using Remote Desktop Services: If you have Remote Desktop or a form of Terminal Services, check this box.

You can run a mixture of Remote Desktop and Normal Networking

WorldPac will only work on 1 terninal in Remote Desktop as it is NOT multi user. You can still have a couple

work stations running a normal peer to peer to circumvent this limitation.

Computers are networked: Check if you have a LAN local network.


This is my server computer: Check if this is your server computer. (The one that hold the data files)


Auto Check Updates: Uncheck if you DO NOT have an internet connection.