The Current Order Window

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What it is: Displays the vehicles you are currently working on. You can also view work

that has been completed pts2 , On Hold pts3 , Estimates pts4 , or view

All pts5 by clicking the respective Buttons.


pts-0006 This button will show the estimated Profit or Loss on the selected

           Work Order/Invoice



You can also change the way the current work orders are view on screen by using the

TABS along the top of the Work Order Browse Window.


When you first open Point of Sale the work orders are Keyed on Customer name.

You can find a work order by simply typing in the first few letters of the customer's

last name, this will highlight the order you are looking for.


By Clicking on the By License TAB, the orders will be Keyed (Sorted) by the vehicle's

License Number Tag. Again, just type in the first few characters for the License to find.


Priority TAB If you are using Priorities, you can click this TAB and select a priority

from the Drop Down menu. This will show only orders with the selected Priority.


Warranty TAB By click this tab, the orders will be filtered and show only work orders

that have Warranty work in the Detail.


Date TAB Large shops will use this tab to view Work Orders by Date the vehicle was

entered into the Current Work Order file.


Browse Window



This is called a Scrolling Browse Window, you can make the items in the window

scroll up and down, and left and right using the scroll bars on the right side and bottom

of the window. This allows you to see all work orders in progress and also view more

information about each order that may not be visible to the right.


Other things you can do with the Scrolling Browse Window.


Right Clicking the Mouse Gives you a menu of Options


Insert New allow you to Add a new Work Order

Change Allows you to change an existing Work Order

Modify - Reset - Define Views - Allows you to adjust and re arrange  what you see on the browse window

View Phones Shows ALL Customer Phone Numbers for Selected Work Order

Progress Shows the Work Order Progress and Parts on Order for Selected Work Order.

Prev Notes/Needs For selected Vehicle

More Vehicle Info takes you to view the actual vehicle record.



This box shows more information about the selected Invoice



Other Buttons on the Current Order Window.


pts8 Service Due will show all 9 Tracked Services, when they were

performed last and when they are do to be performed again. This button will Blink

if the highlighted Vehicle needs a Tracked Service.





Vehicle WorkSheet Prints  a Vehicle Work Sheet for the Technician or Parts

                                     Department. This Work Sheet shows information(specs)

                                     about the vehicle.



pts9 This button lets you Add a New Work Order.


pts10    This button lets you change the details of an existing Work Order.


pts11    This button will Delete (Remove) the Highlighted Work Order.




Print Buttons on the Work Order Screen




Auth - Prints a Work Order Authorization for the Highlighted Work Order, this is

required by most  states. You can also give a copy to your Tech to view what work

is to be performed.


Print - Prints a copy for the Highlighted Work Order.

           If you want to print a work order as an invoice, just right

           click the button first.


Pay   - Press this button to accept Payment for a completed Work Order.


Quit  - Close the Current Work Order Window.


Special Keys


F1 Key - General Help


F2 Key  - Pops up a Progress Window



Item Detail Section



Right Click Menu on Item Detail


F12 Key - Pressing F12 will give you context sensitive Help