Work Orders Tab

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Automatically Insert for new Work orders


Default Service Writer

Allows you to set up a default Service Writer and a Default Technician for New Work orders. Use the F2 Key for a Pick List.


Default Technician

This Tech Number will automatically be inserted when entering detail on work order. Can be change at run time.


Default Priority

The default Priority given a vehicle when creating a new work order


Warning if No Cost is Entered on Parts Detail

Message will pop up warning you that you have forgotten to enter a Cost.


Auto Customer Lookup when Adding Work Order

Customer list will automatically pop up when entering the customer code field when creating a new work order.


Auto Vehicle Lookup when Adding Work Order

Vehicle list for this customer will automatically pop up when entering the License code field when creating a new work order.


Pop Up Car List when adding new vehicle

When you add a new vehicle for a customer, you can have a list of Valid AAIA Table of Vehicle information Pop Up

automatically. Then just select the proper Vehicle from the List. This may be mute if you are using CarFax.


Enable Services Due Flash Button

If services are due for a vehicle on the current work order window, the Services Due Button will flash.


Include Core Cost as a Line Item

The Core Cost will show on the invoice as line item charged to the customer instead of built into the item price.


When Changing a Work Order go directly to - You can go directly to either Info or Detail tab.


Add Previous Noted Needs to Notes Field

If Previous needs are found, they will automatically be imported into either the Work Order Notes or the Scheduler Notes.


Enable Needs Flash Button

If Needs were entered for a vehicle now or in the past, the needs button will flash when updating a work order

for the vehicle


Show Employee Certification # on State Inspections

If your state requires that the Tech's Certification number be shown

on Work Order/Invoices. Be sure to enter each employees Cert# in their

Employee Record.


Use Employee RO Labor Cost on Work Orders/Invoice

This will allow estimated Labor Cost on Work Order/Invoice Profit Pilot.

Be sure to set up the estimated Hourly Cost in the Employee Record also.


Must have Odometer In when Paying - Forces Reminder to pop up if Odometer In is not Filled


Must have Odometer Out when Paying - Forces Reminder to pop up if Odometer Out is not Filled


Must Fill Promo Field - If you are using the Promotion File and want the Promo field always filled in, check this box

                                       See Promo Table

Auto Add 1 Mile/Kilometer to Odometer Out

Saves some time by adding one mile to Odometer out using the odometer in reading.


Record Sent Email on Work Order - Records Email sent to customer on Notes section of Work Order.

Shows which computer sent the email and Date and Time.


View PDF before Sending Email

If you are printing to RTF, the Printout will Preview to the Screen first.


Remove Estimates after ? Days

To reduce the size of your saved estimates, it is suggested that your use 30-60 Max


Work Order Profit Goal

Profit Goal to display in Profit Pilot. See Profit Pilot


Default Dept for Non tracked Items

Use the F2 Key to select a Department for items you will keep track of in Inventory or non Stock Files


State Inspection Code

Press F2 Key to choose your State Inspection Tracking Code. This allows the system to automatically update

when the last State Inspection was done for use by customer Reminders.


Specific Vehicle Kits

Automatic, System will calculate the Lookup code.

Manual, Allow manual code entry for truck shops where the VIN codes are useless.


Default Labor Rate

Used for Real Time Labor Guide and Profit Reports


Internet Explorer Version

Used for On-Line Parts ordering and Real Time Labor Guide on-line.


Phone Format Choose dashes or Dots for Phone Number xxx-xxx-xxxx or


Remove Deleted Orders After - Keeps Deleted Orders for 5-10-15 Days before removing them permanently from the systems

                                                           See Recall Deleted Work Orders