Work Order Detail Window

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 Click on the Detail Tab in Update Work Order Window




What the Buttons Do:




 Add Item - Allows you to Add a Part or Labor item to work order.

 Change Items - Allows you to change an existing detail Item

 Delete Item - Allows you to delete an item from the work order, or by using Ctrl + Right Button to select

 multiple items to delete.




MultiAdd button allows you to take multiple Products to be sent to the invoice.




Log Time allows you to Clock in and out on each labor item on the RO. This feature will     keep track of the

actual time spent working on a particular Job. Jobs can be clocked in and out as many times as necessary.

Notice that the Jobs are color coded.


View Job will allow you to view the status of a particular Job on an RO




Tech View


There is a special program to use for technician's view. This program allows the technician

to Log in and out and view his/her jobs. If you are running work Stations in the repair bays,

Techview.exe can be made to run automatically on the Work Stations in the bays.

See Tech View


Imports Previous Invoice from history. Great for jobs like Oil and Filter changes, where only

 the Price may change. The imported Invoice will lookup the current pricing automatically/




Imports Estimates from Real Time Labor Guide




Allows you to re order the way items appear on the list and on the Print out.




Allows adding an existing Specific kit to the work order, or create a brand new kit.

See Creating Specific Vehicle Kits and Inserting Existing Kits




Limit view, will show only the selection of Parts Labor Sublet or Kits and the total for the selection.




Shows any needs found for this vehicle on the last visit, allows entry of New Needs.




Show More information about this vehicle.




Show more information about this customer.




This field allows you to enter any info you want to be reminded for this repair order,

after the customer picks up the vehicle.


Right Click Menu



See Add to Tech Parts

Also see Import Tech Parts into a Work Order

Also see Value of Marked Items