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Invoice Partner Features

Some of Invoice Partner Features

  • Low Cost - 150.00 Per Year Subscription Includes Updates and E-Mail Support
  • See ** Notes at bottom that describes subscription model **
  • Repair Orders and Invoicing
  • Automatic Year - Make - Model Lookup Tables
  • Automatic Customer LookupScreen Shot
  • Automatic Lookups for CustomerVehicles - Screen Shot
  • Automatic Lookups for Parts - Screen Shot
  • Automatic Lookups for Labor
  • Vehicle can be entered as Temporary, when no tracking is desired, great for dealership cars and Walk in Customers.
  • Fax or Email Invoices and Work Authorizations from within the program.
  • UnLimited Pre Defined Service Request - Job Descriptions
  • Option to add Supplies Charge Percentage on Invoice for Parts - Labor - Both Screen Shot
  • Invoices can be put On Hold
  • Does Estimates - Converts back to Invoice any time, automatically -
  • Estimates can be archived and attached to customer's record for future retrieval. Great for Body Shop Estimates.
  • Real Time Progress Tracking for all vehicles in the shop -
  • User defined Discounts - Senior Citizen Etc. - Screen Shot
  • Accepts 3 payment types
  • Tracks Vendor - Cost - Vendor Inv# for each detail item in Work Order/Invoice Screen Shot
  • Tracks individual Technician's parts and labor sales per invoice item. Allows multiple Tech's per invoices - Screen Shot
  • Prints Work Authorization Forms, with place for Customer Signature Etc.
  • Special Estimate statement space for new Florida Laws -
  • Prints 2 types of Invoice forms - Parts and Labor together or Separated.
  • Labor time can be turned off so only total amount shows on Invoice.
  • Paid Invoices can be checked, adjusted for errors, or Un Paid before End of Day - Screen Shot
  • Daily - Monthly - Yearly sales editor to correct input errors
  • Frequently Dialed Phone Number Access, Click Dialing. -
  • Authorization form Holds 1000 user defined characters
  • Bar Coding
  • Interface to Other Programs -
  • Interface with Real Time Labor Guide -
  • Interface with CARFAX VIN Decoder -
  • Interface with WorldPac Ordering System -
  • Interface with X-Charge On-Line Credit Card Processing
  • Interface with Vinpower VIN Decoder -
  • Complete Inventory Control -
  • Parts and Labor have 5 Price Levels - Customers can be given individual Price Levels - Screen Shot
  • Remembers Non Stock Item Price and Cost - Automatic Lookup. If you sold it once, it remembers.
  • Place for OEM Part Number and Color
  • Complete history of all parts and labor sold broken down into groups -
  • Does Kits and Assemblies bringing all related items into RO.
  • Labor Time can be hourly rate or by the job.
  • Handles 3 Tax Rates for Parts and Labor
  • Retail Price can be based Markup on Cost or Price Matrix Based on Cost
  • Customer's
  • Customer E-Mail Address
  • Unlimited Customer and Vehicle History -
  • Unlimited Customer Phones Numbers -
  • Secure Information Section.
  • Customers can get an Invoice printed for previous jobs, unlimited time period.
  • Unlimited number of Vehicles can be attached to a customer - Great for Fleets.
  • Email or Fax Invoices and Estimates directly from within Invoice Partner
  • Vehicles
  • Fleet Info automatically inserted in Work Order Invoice
  • Unlimited Service Groups to track parts and labor for each vehicle for unlimited time period. -
  • Drop down lists for vehicle packages - Fuel - Steering - Air - Brakes - Body Stype and More
  • Ability to enter Notes/Instructions in a vehicle record that automatically go to each new Work Order -
  • Attachments to Vehicle Records - Doc - Text - JPG - BMP - WMF - Diagrams - TSB's - Etc.
  • Built in Data File Backup Program -
  • Much Much More !!!!!
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** Important Note on Annual Subscriptions

Program will be fully functional as long as we receive your payment of $150.00** Annually.

If you decide NOT to purchase any subsequent years, the program will remain functional except,
you will not be able to create any New Work Orders, Invoices or Estimates.

All your Data will remain available and accessible to you through the Program.

All Other Program Functions will be Available to you.