Giving a Discount by simply changing the Price Level when Paying out a Work Order

First you need to setup your price Levels- Go to Processing > Control > Pricing Strategies an click on
the Set Discount Levels TAB
Next Set up your discount levels as you prefer.
Example- Be sure to Click the RESET Product Discount Pricing now Button and Click Save before leaving the screen.

Next go to Report Configuration on the Control Menu and Check Enable Normal and Discount Prices on Invoices

Next, shut down Point of Sale and Reload it to pick up the changes.

When Paying an Invoice, simply Change the Price Level and be sure to click on the
Change Price Level Button

You will then see the Invoice Totals change before your eyes

The invoice Printout may look like this

In the future, all you need to do is Change the price level and Click the Change Price Level button in Pay out window