Garage Partner Professional

Garage Partner Professional Features

Some of Our Features

Chances are, if you don't see it here, ask, it probably does it anyway

  • Repair Orders and Invoicing
  • Screen Shot of Point of Sale Window Screen Shot
  • Automatic Year - Make - Model Lookup Tables
  • Automatic Customer LookupScreen Shot
  • Automatic Lookups for CustomerVehicles - Screen Shot
  • Automatic Lookups for Parts - Screen Shot
  • Automatic Lookups for Labor
  • Multi Add Items for Parts and Labor
  • Attach Serial Numbers to Products with Search Capabilities
  • Customer Declined/UnDecline Products and Services on Invoice
  • Vehicle can be entered as Temporary, when no tracking is desired, great for dealership cars and Walk in Customers.
  • Technicians can Clock In/Out of each job creating a time record for every labor operation - Screen Shot
  • Send Text Messages to Pagers or Cell Phones from Garage Partner Pro
  • Fax or Email Invoices and Work Authorizations from within the program.
  • Attach PDF Files of Invoices and Email within Garage Partner Pro
  • UnLimited Pre Defined Service Request - Job Descriptions
  • Option to add Supplies Charge Percentage on Invoice for Parts - Labor - Both Screen Shot
  • Invoices can be put On Hold
  • Does Estimates - Converts back to Invoice any time, automatically -
  • Estimates can be archived and attached to customer's record for future retrieval. Great for Body Shop Estimates.
  • Does Quick Qotes
  • Real Time Progress Tracking for all vehicles in the shop -
  • User defined Discounts - Senior Citizen Etc. - Screen Shot
  • Accepts 3 payment types
  • Tracks Vendor - Cost - Vendor Inv# for each detail item in Work Order/Invoice Searchable Screen Shot
  • RO's can be tagged and sorted with user defined Priorities -
  • Tracks individual Technician's parts and labor sales per invoice item. Allows multiple Tech's per invoices - Screen Shot
  • Prints Work Authorization Forms, with place for Customer Signature Etc.
  • Special Estimate statement space for new Florida Laws -
  • Prints 2 types of Invoice forms - Parts and Labor together or Separated.
  • Labor time can be turned off so only total amount shows on Invoice.
  • Paid Invoices can be checked, adjusted for errors, or Un Paid before End of Day - Screen Shot
  • Daily - Monthly - Yearly sales editor to correct input errors
  • Frequently Dialed Phone Number Access, Click Dialing. -
  • Authorization form Holds 1000 user defined characters
  • Bar Coding
  • Full Sales Graphing Capabilities Screen Shot
  • Interface to Other Programs -
  • Interface with CARFAXVIN Decoder -
  • Interface with Real Time Labor Guide -
  • Interface with WorldPac Ordering System -
  • Interface with VinPower VIN Decoder -
  • Interface with X-Charge On-Line Credit Card Processing
  • Interface with ChargeitPro On-Line Credit Card Processing
  • Interface with Internet Auto Parts On-Line Parts Ordering integrated with Garage Partner Pro
  • Complete Inventory Control -
  • Parts and Labor have 5 Price Levels - Customers can be given individual Price Levels - Screen Shot
  • Remembers Non Stock Item Price and Cost - Automatic Lookup. If you sold it once, it remembers.
  • Place for OEM Part Number and Color
  • Complete history of all parts and labor sold broken down into groups -
  • Does Kits and Assemblies bringing all related items into RO.
  • Purchase Orders - manual or automatic using custom inventory quantities
  • Labor Time can be hourly rate or by the job.
  • Scalable Labor Rates
  • Handles 3 Tax Rates for Parts and Labor
  • Retail Price can be based Markup on Cost or Price Matrix Based on Cost
  • Customer's
  • Customer E-Mail Address
  • Customer Pager Numbers
  • Bill To and Ship To Address.
  • Unlimited Customer and Vehicle History -
  • Unlimited Customer Phones Numbers -
  • Post Cards/Letters or Emails Customers service reminders when service are due.
  • Secure Information Section.
  • Customers can get an Invoice printed for previous jobs, unlimited time period.
  • Unlimited number of Vehicles can be attached to a customer - Great for Fleets.
  • Email or Fax Invoices and Estimates directly from within Garage Partner Professional
  • Easy to use Queries to create custom reports on Customers
  • Sends Service Reminders, Post Cards, Letters
  • Vehicles
  • Fleet Info automatically inserted in Work Order Invoice
  • Unlimited Service Groups to track parts and labor for each vehicle for unlimited time period. -
  • Drop down lists for vehicle packages - Fuel - Steering - Air - Brakes - Body Stype and More
  • Ability to enter Notes/Instructions in a vehicle record that automatically go to each new Work Order -
  • Attachments to Vehicle Records - Doc - Text - JPG - BMP - WMF - Diagrams - TSB's - Etc.
  • Easy to use Queries to create custom reports on Vehicles
  • Body Shops
  • Special Collision Loss file for Body Shops. Holds Loss Data and up to 6 Pictures per Vehicle. Available for Later Retrieval. Fax to Insurance Co.
  • Tracks and Reports Hazzardous Chemicals
  • Scheduler
  • Complete Appointment Scheduler Included - Converts Appointments to RO's automatically - Screen Shot
  • View Appointment Schedule By Employee for any day Screen Shot
  • Email Appointment Confirmation from Scheduler
  • Complete User Level Security
  • Complete Accounts Receivable
  • Check Book
  • Financial Reporting Tools - Chart of Accounts
  • Built in Data File Backup and FTP ServicesProgram -
  • Much Much More !!!!!
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We Interface and integrate with the following providers

X-Charge On-Line Credit Card Processing

Integrated with Garage Partner Pro and Invoice Partner

Delivers the Right Part at the Right Time


Labor Guide Lookup

On - Line and CD version

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