"Since March 2006 we had decided to go with Garage Partner Pro after researching at least a dozen Point of Sales software companies. Garage Partner was very reasonable to purchase and for support, best of all it has more features than any of the software that we researched. I not only service automobiles, but mostly classic cars, to late model vehicles, industrial equipment, small engine and yard equipment, forklift trucks, heavy duty trucks and equipment and I can run all of them in the same software, both mileage and hours. Inventory control is a plus also. We use the integrated credit card which saves the hassle of transferring stand-alone information to A/R. We use the integrated Real-Time Labor Guide, also reduces time in transferring information. I cannot believe the continuous attention to updates on a regular basis and countless times we have used the support especially during start-up by Dan, contact him anytime and if not immediate he will return contact in less than an hour’s time. The latest version has been performing exactly as expected. Support from other software companies have been a problem with product knowledge and great amount of guessing. Garage Partner support has had previous experience in the automotive industry and knows what we needs, no guesswork here. He makes it very comprehendible. The help screens are very informative when questions arise. Dan has done a great job in explaining in detail so you can understand the software yourself. I keep finding new items in the software that makes the system operate so efficiently. I have recommended Garage Partner to many mechanical facilities with complete confidence they will find it easy to use with such great support. Garage Partner Pro, let them be your Partner in the automotive industry."
Bob Larson - Cormorant - Garagemahal LLC - Lake Park, MN

"As far as I can remember, Haven't I been a customer of yours since 1999 ? Garage Partner has been wonderful all these years. The support I haven't needed a lot of, but when I've needed it YOU WERE THERE! What More Could A Business Owner Want In a Business Program? Being a former Auto/Truck repair shop owner, YOU know what was needed & have improved it through the years brilliantly! It's nice to know the program developer is just an email or phone call away! In closing I just wanted again to say THANK YOU again!!!!"
George Callender - Callender Auto Tops & Uph. Inc. - Sarasota, Florida

"Your support for your program is outstanding. I worked as a dealership technician for 15 years and when I left to start my own business I shopped every kind of automotive repair software imaginable. After 3 years of using Garage Partner, I am still amazed at its simplicity and functionality. I recently hired a 20 veteran service manager for my shop. He cannot believe how simple and valuable the Garage Partner system is. He has used every kind of system known to man and loves Garage Partner. Your support is always efficient and accurate. The only suggestion I have for Garage Partner is that you need to offer a week long training seminar in Tahiti so that we can figure out how to use all of its features."
Mitch Wyborny- Special Forces Automotive - Daytona Beach, FL

"First, the support from You for garage partner is fantastic. If I send an email or call, you respond so quickly. It is always a pleasure talking to you and you have answered so many questions for me. You have also added several things that make things easier for me. Garage Partner itself is a great program. Any thing I have asked for you have incorporated right away. We have looked at other management programs and they have all the same features as you do, but for much more money. We are sticking with Garage Partner!"
Jeanne - Kress Auto Center - Mercer PA

"Garage Partner Pro works great for me and my shop. Your support is top shelf any problem that comes up you take care of it right away."
Larry VanVranken - Cornells Auto Repair - Greenfield NY

"I have been using Garagepartner and Pro since 2000 and been more than happy with the program. My main criteria when I first looked at getting a new program was ease of use. With Garage Partner I was able to enter a customer, vehicle, inventory - then open an invoice and bill out inventory without the use of a manual. This ensures that any one of my employees is able to use the basics of the program with ease with about 15 minutes of instructions. The support has been outstanding. On the few occassion that I have e-mailed for support I received a phone call from Dan within 15 minutes and the problem solved pronto. Once when my server hard drive crashed, Monday morning first thing, Dan had my Garage Partner up and running on one of my worksations within the hour. I have spent many hours looking at other programs and for the very reasonable price Garage Partner is very good value for the money."
Herb McEwen - HJM Auto & Tire Centre Ltd - Victoria BC

"Your program is the best thing since sliced bread! My shop could not function without it. Your support is second to none. I hope the service remains the same for years to come."
T.J. Atkinson - Kent Motors Ltd. - Freeport Grand Bahamas

We are a medium sized over the road trucking company. We have been using Garage Partner since 1993 for tracking and scheduling truck and trailer maintenance and invoicing for our owner operators. The program has a lot more to it than what we utilize but what we use is great. Dan has been more than helpful throughout the years providing support. The program works great but if I do have a problem I just call or email Dan. Dan usually answers when I call, if not I leave a message and he calls me back within an hour and helps me take of the problem. Dan’s support has always far exceeded my expectations, he has even gone as far as to remote into my system to repair database files that were damaged. I have been an IT manager for almost twenty years and have dealt with a lot of support, Dan has provided me with some of the best and most personalized support that I have ever had. I highly recommend this product!
Brent Sneller - FFI Transportation Inc. - Grand Rapids MI

We have been using Garage Partner software for 8 months now. At first I did not think it would be possible to get this program in place at my shop. Now, I have no idea how I ran this business without it. With Dan's support & understanding it all fell in to place quite easily. It is a great, affordable, program and I recommend it. Parts tracking, Customer info, monthly statements, pricing, end day, end month, tax info, profit, loss, and on and on. My business was established in 1949 and with this update to our system should keep us running smooth for quite a while. Thank You
Fran Sikorski Sikorski's Service - Amsterdam NY

"Having my small business for over 26 years, I thought I know everything until I have your newer version of Garage Partner Pro. It's amazing, easy to use but yet, powerful enough for me to keep everything under control. Meanwhile, it is simple enough for my employees during our busy routine. I'll keep my version update every year from now on"
Terry Lee - ShowPlace Motor Works - San Francisco CA