Return Parts/Cores/Warranty

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Record Returned Parts to Vendors by Clicking the (R) button next to the Item Code In

Point of Sale, Update Detail for the Work Order.




You will then see the Returned Parts Window.

Most of the info will be filled in automatically.




Returned Cores will automatically be tracked when either the inventory item has Core

checked, or the Work Order Detail has Core Checked for Non Track or No Track Parts.


Returned Parts / Cores / Warranty can be Printed by Vendor and updated when credit is received.


This is used specifically to make sure you get credited for Parts/Cores/Warranty.


Parts/Cores/Warranty tracking has nothing to do with the Journal Entries

They will be made using the normal Vendors Invoices/Credits

You can use this as a tool when your Vendor Statements come in to verify you have received

the proper credit.


Printing: Returns/Cores/Warranty can be Printed anytime from Processing on either the

              Product Reports Menu or the Vendor Reports Menu.