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Setup Financial Tools


Financial Tools is not an accounting system, It is mainly used to record sales and expense numbers
to give to your accountant or other accounting system.


Before using the Financial Tools or the Check Book application, you must set up the following default information.


How to Get There:


From Processing, Click Financial Tools, then File > Setup Menu


Financial Accounts: A standard set of Financial Accounts and Account Ranges are included with the program. You can set up more accounts, or change the Ranges with the help of your Accountant if needed.

To access the Financial Accounts, Click File > Setup Menu



 Financial Account Maintenance. This displays a scrolling list of your financial accounts.




Use the Limit Accts Bullets to view only the type of accounts you wish to see.

Click View All Button to View All of your Accounts.

fta3 fta4

To view the accounts by Code or by description, click the appropriate Tab.



To add a new Acct record, Click the Insert Button from the Browse Window.

Enter the Code for the new item. fts6


Enter a code number for the account. Codes must be kept within ranges for different types of accounts.

To check the Account Range click the Range Button. fta8




Enter a code that falls within the account range.



Field Definitions


Type of Account this is         Description of this account



 Does Credit Increase or Decrease account? System

 automatically tells you what this type of account

 does normally. You can change this for Contra Accts



 If this is a Bank Account, Checking

 this acct will automatically post debits

 and credits to your CheckBook.

 BE SURE to Go to Check Book and Set up all your Bank Accounts

 to correspond with the Financial Accts noted as Bank Acct so they will

 post to the correct bank acct.



Descriptor: There is a box to check that the particular

                        Acct is a Descriptor only. No totals will

                       be sent to this acct, it will be used only to

                       describe the accts below it. Do not make any

                       of your existing accts descriptors if they

                       already have totals in them.



Descriptor: 4000 – Income Accounts  =============

                      4001 -  Point of Sale Income

                      4002 - Tire Sales

                      4003 - Battery Sales

                      4300 -  Other Income


Descriptor: 5000 – COGS Accounts  =============

                      5001 -  COGS

                      5002 - Tire COGS

                      5003 - Battery COGS

Remember to use a the lowest number in the range for Descriptors


 Save Data      Cancel Entry



Default Accounts


These are accounts used for posting from other modules such as Point of Sale and Accounts Receivable.

To set up your default accounts

Click File > Setup Menu Default Accts


Click the F2 Key to select the default accounts from a drop down list of Accounts. The Accounts with an

Asterisk * are Must be entered Accounts




NOTE: Using Financial Accounting Tools must be checked in Global Configuration


If left UnChecked, Account Posting will be ignored by other modules program.

If you are using another back office accounting program, Uncheck this Box.