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Real-Time Labor Guide® Software Computer Software Estimating Tool - Labor Time Guide for Automotive Repair Shops and Light and Heavy Duty Truck Repair Shops. Integrates seamlessly with Garage Partner

Call today, Toll-Free (800) 487-0279 for your Free 45 Day Free Trial. There is no obligation to the trial, we will not call and hound you, and you do not have to send anything back. Try it today you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

The Real-Time Labor Guide® is the fastest growing automotive labor time guide. The software is fast, accurate, easy to use (anyone can use it the first day), and affordable. If you repair cars our labor time guide is a basic shop tool that you shouldn't be without.

Covers 1968 to Present Foreign & Domestic Cars, Light, Medium, & Heavy Duty Trucks. Full Pricing Flexibility (3 Times on every Job)
Complete Coverage (Foreign & Domestic Cars & Trucks). Gives you 3 "Street Times" for every job
You can access labor times faster than with the books. Diagnostic times are added when needed
Customers trust computerized labor times. Uses your labor rate
Lets you charge for small jobs you never could before. Improved electrical & sensor coverage.
Eliminates math errors Our Accuracy Bounty program assures system accuracy.
Everybody can use it! Friendly Toll-Free Support!
Gives you pricing flexibility. Integrates seamlessly with Garage Partner

Easily produce estimates or invoices, and have a complete labor guide (1968-2007 coverage) to help you do it. This labor guide will replace your big heavy auto repair flat rate books and put everything at your fingertips. Features Include: Full Coverage (Covers 98% of Cars & Trucks on the Road Today)Support!