About License Tags

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The Vehicle License Tag is an important KEY that is tied to the customer who owns

the License Tag.


Never Enter a FAKE TAG in the License Tag Field.


If you do not know the correct tag, then be sure to Check the Temp License Tag Box




When you have Temp Vehicle Checked, you do not need a tag number

You can enter the correct tag when you have it.


License Tags NEVER change and are always EXACT...


Example RE 4567 is ALWAYS RE 4567, it is never RE 4567* or RE 4567#


Remember, you can change Vehicles, Year Make Model, but you never change the License Tag.




Tag RE 4567 is attached to John Jones and the tags reside on a 2001 Ford Ranger...


If John gets rid of the Ford Ranger and buys a new car, the Tags will more than likely

be used on the new vehicle. You simply go to the Vehicle File and change the Vehicle

Year Make Model Etc to the new vehicle...


When you look in history for that customer and tag number, you will see the history of any and

all vehicles that ever wore that License Tag.


NOTE: If you must change the Tag for a vehicle, you can go to Point of Sale > Browse > Assign New License Tag

         or in the Vehicle File, Change License Tag.


         With CarFax you can lookup the vehicle info using the license tag.