General Tab

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Click on TAB for specific global settings.




Default City - State - Zip.

Automatically fills in this information when adding a new customer.


Do Not Associate Zip Codes with Cities/Non U.S. and Spell Labour

When city lookup is used, the lookup will not force the zip code into customer zip code field, Helpful for

Countries using other Zip Code Types. Also Spells Labour.


Repair Shop Number

Enter your State Repair Shop License if required


Modem Port

This is the port your modem is using - Used for Quick Phone Dialer


Dial Time

Time in seconds for you to pick up the receiver after automatic dialing


Delete Appointments after

Automatically deletes Scheduled appointments after number of days.


Make Enter Same as Tab

Allows you to use the enter key to move between entry fields.


Using Back Office Tools

Click this box if you are using Garage Partner Financial Tools

Capitalize first letter of all Notes and Comments

Example: This Is An Example Of All Caps


Verbal Warning on Delete

Issues a Verbal Sound and Warning before allowing deletion. May save you butt.


Reminder for No Email Address

Issues a message reminder for Email Address


Return to End of Day Process After Backup  : After 8.170312

Returns you to Process End of Day after Backup Program is called.


Max Service Reminders

Define the number of times the system will send out Service Reminders to a customer

for a particular service.


There is No Internet Connection on This Computer

Check this Box to eliminate web access errors.



Set the number of days to remove old Appointments.


Spell Checker: Tick to Turn ON - You Must have Microsoft Word Installed to use Spell Checker


Check Too Lazy to enter a tech if you simply want the default tech entered in the appointment.

Enter the maximum hours per day to schedule appointments.


Email Address: Company Email Address to appear on Work Orders and Invoices.


Web Page: Company Web Page Address to appear on Work Orders and Invoices.


Backups: Allow button to check for and Close Open Programs. The Backup  program will allow you

              see if any Garage Partner Programs are open before running the backup. It will also

              allow you to warn the users to shut them down, or you can force them closed.


Ask to Print Work Order When Converting Appt

If Checked, will Auto Print a Work Order after Converting from Appointment.